When Claire was first brought to me, she could not walk more than 10-15 feet at a time. She would just stop and lay down. She just couldn’t move.  It was from a combination of who knows what…her leg was injured and she could not stand on it, she was skin and bones, she was dehydrated, mange and flea infested.  It appeared from her injuries that she may have also been hit by a car. She was very sick and very injured. But the worst injury she was the telltale signs of being a bait dog. It is unspeakable what people will do to dogs.

Bait dogs often have ropes tied to their legs to pull them out of the fighting ring. Bait dogs are usually not aggressive dogs by nature; they are used to train and test the prized aggressive fighting dogs. Her leg was heavily scarred from a bait rope and she could not stand on her leg.

Her leg was so bad, I was convinced she was going to end up a three legged dog. She really didn’t want to walk. She was very weak and in a lot of pain. Off we went to the vet for a proper professional opinion.

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At first, it was hard to say. But while she was knocked out for her spay,  her knee and leg were diagnosed and it was decided that time would heal her leg, knee, and hips.  Her prognosis was good. Within a month she was a completely different dog; energetic, active, a total love.  A few months in and she showed no signs of injury.

Claire had a very rough start to her life. She has recovered well from her past experience. She will continue to need, and deserves, an owner who will be conscious of her past and willing to use positive reinforcement training methods.  Time and patience has healed her leg and it has also opened her heart to people.


She has learned to trust, to play with the other dogs, to play with toys, to ride in a car, to go on walks, how to be crate trained, potty trained, all that good dog 101 stuff.

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She responds very well to love and praise.  She loves just being with people. She loves to hang out, to play, and to just be together. She is still young and can get in a little lab mix puppy trouble if she doesn’t get enough “me time”, but she learns fast and is very willing to please. She is great fun loving dog looking for a good forever home.

Claire and Tasha

Claire was picked up in Oak Cliff behind the Belmont hotel in a field across from the Clairevista gym. She is proof that dog fighting happens in all kinds of neighborhoods. Even nieghborhoods on the NY times hot places list.

Dog fighting is a felony. It is against the law to even attend a dog fight. If you suspect any illegal activity link to dog fighting, please be the voice of these dogs and make a report to the city and to the SPCA.

Claire’s rescue also shows us that good caring people are everywhere in our neighborhood; and that with love and trust, everything and everyone thives. Please help Claire find her forever home and score one for the good guys.