In the summer of 2013, Gypsy Dog Ops rescued Jack, the 76th way. Jack is one of our favorite stories of how it often takes a village to help an abandoned urban street dog, and a puppy at that, battle against the odds to become a healthy well adjusted domestic dog living the life of luxury in a loving forever home.


Jack went from being a sick abandoned city dog to living the life on a lake out in the country. We made him a Green Acres tribute video when it was time for him to go to his new home.  Jack can often be found traveling the country in a RV and is reported to be the best road trippin’ dog EVER. We have posted pictures of him from Louisianian to Padre Island to the beaches of California. What a life!

We have re-posted his blog posts here so you can follow his heartwarming story from the beginning. And because we still can’t get enough of Jack, we posted a gallery of Jack too. According to his forever family, Jack has grown up to be the world’s largest big boned Chihuahua – we’ll let you be the judge.