Meet Rudy –  he is looking for a forever home.  He is one of the Operation Floppy Ear puppies rescued earlier this year. Don’t be fooled by his casual demeanor – this little guy is a one of a kind designer dog that is all personality! He comes from a long line of highly intelligent Oak Cliff specials. His smokey eyes sweet puppy breath are  hard to resist – get ready to fall in love.

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Rudy as a puppy



Teen aged Rudy


Rudy is a social guy. He likes to hang out with his people and he likes to play with other dogs. He loves to go for walks and he likes to visit with the neighbors on his walks. He is perfectly happy sitting at your feet hanging out on the neighborhood restaurant patio – we tested him out at the neighborhood happy hour at PHD – he was a champ – super behaved and a total charmer – seriously, total charmer. He may or may not have gone to the office and spent the afternoon hanging out during a few meetings.  Again, totally behaved. He sat at my feet and was totally chill.

RUdy and Casin

He is crate trained, house trained, sits on command, walks on a leash with manners, and is a generally happy and curious guy. He likes to please and is a quick learner – any puppy that will sit still for bunny ears is a pleaser.


In addition to his easy going personality and his love of a good dog party, he  is also a really good watch dog.


Rudy and Pepe celebrate Cinco de Mayo

What kind of dog is  Rudy? We are proud to share that Rudy is the last known puppy from a long line of incredibly smart feral street dogs. We have an idea of what kind of dogs both his parents and his grandparents are. Part husky, part Shar Pei, Catahoula leopard dog and a little bit of who knows what – he is truly an oak Cliff special, a Hines 57.    He was born under a boarded up house and was rescued with his Moma and his 4 siblings when he was about a month old.


Rudy’s family tree


Since Rudy was rescued at such a young age,  he has quickly adapted to a domesticated lifestyle where he socializes with other dogs, kids, people, and most importantly he has come to love climate control, couches, regular belly rubs, and treats. From what we know about his family tree and how fast he is growing, he will be a large dog. Most likely in the range of 60-70 lbs. He is all legs right now. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and has a clean bill of health.


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Don’t be fooled by this next set of picture – Rudy likes to party. He likes to play, walk, hang out and socialize….but sometimes, a puppy just needs a nap. Plus it’s just easier to get a puppy pic when they are sleeping. So adorable!



Rudy’s mother Number Two, and his Grandmother Tasha would all have been deemed unadoptable by Dallas Animal Services and euthanize. If you hate to see dogs go to the shelter because you are worried about their fate, please help us continue our efforts to rehabilitate and  rescue unsocial street dogs –  share Rudy’s info so that he may find his forever home. Easy, right?  You never know who is looking for a dog until you ask…. simply share Rudy with your networks to get him exposure to his potential forever home.  I don’t know how the system works, but it really does. You all have been a part of all of our forever placements – THANK YOU for continuing to give our urban rescues happy forever endings.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Rudy or have questions about Rudy or any of our other dogs (his mother Number Two is also looking for her forever home as well) – please contact us through our contact link or via cell: 214.417.4142.  Rudy is ready and available to go on a meet and greet or a date to see if he is the right forever fit for your family.

Thank you for caring and advocating for our city’s animals